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Air-Frame Family Support

The following resources are currently available on-line for the Air-Frame family of Wireless LAN products:

FAQs Technology Information, Configuration and trouble shooting guides.
Ethernet Direct connection (without a Hub or switch), Connections using a Hub (or Switch), Cabling including Crossed and Straight cable pin-outs.
Installations Installation and planning information including antennas, operational issues
Documentation On-line and downloadable Manuals, Application Notes and Guides
Configurations Sample configurations including point to point links, point to multi-point (cell networks), Back-haul networks, multiple radio links to provide high speed connections.
Wireless Background information on wireless, technology and 802.11x standards.
Wireless Calculators A number of wireless calculators for power budgets, free space loss, dB to mW (and vice versa) conversion and System performance. And if you think you can do better you can even download the code.

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