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ZyTrax Legal Policy

This is NOT a legal document neither does it purport to be one. It is a statement of the legal principles that we adopt with regard to information contained on this web site under any of the following categories (you may also want to read our privacy policy):

General Policy Statement


This policy applies to ZyTrax, Inc., its subsidiaries, joint-ventures with other companies, affiliates and other business partners.

The information supplied on web sites owned and operated by ZyTrax, Inc. on its behalf is provided as a customer service. As such ZyTrax, Inc. controls and is responsible for the content.

ZyTrax, Inc. may also provide 'web hosting' services for third parties and does NOT control, and is NOT responsible for, the content of theses sites.

The following sections apply only to sites owned and operated on behalf of ZyTrax, Inc..


ZyTrax, Inc. adopts the following guidelines when adding material to its web sites:

  • We try at all times to ensure the information is correct and relevant before it is published.

  • We provide links to other sites that we believe are relevant to our site visitors.

  • Every page is provided with at least 1 (one), and in most cases more, clickable e-mail links by which a site visitor may inform us of errors, omissions, mis-leading information or any other issue.

  • The final decision about the material on our site(s) lies solely and exclusively with ZyTrax, Inc..


As stated above we welcome comment at any time regarding omissions, errors or information that could be mis-leading or offensive on sites that we own and operate and for which we are responsible for content. Please not not hesitate to contact as by clicking the e-mail links on this page (and ALL others) on our web sites. We will give due consideration to all such communications.

Should you wish to notify us about a site that we host we will again give due consideration to your communications. You may notify us at anytime via clicking one of the above e-mail links or sending mail to


The following sections detail the policies that will be used under each section defined under "SCOPE" above.


We publish information about our products and services on our web pages.

  1. ZyTrax, Inc. takes every precaution to ensure the information is correct. However ZyTrax, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to any product specification without any prior notification.


We publish information on our web site(s) that visitors may construe as advice or guidance on a particular topic.

  1. Warning: ZyTrax, Inc. has reviewed any such information, and to the best of its knowledge, believes it to be correct. However ZyTrax, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, business or sensitive information that may result from implementation of any feature or advise offered.


We provide downloadable software our web site(s) and linked FTP site(s)in two separate categories:

  1. Utilities and manuals to support our standard products. This software is subject to our normal business practices and guarantees.

  2. Software, code fragments and other hints as a part of our policy of sharing information with others. This software and related material is subject to the following guidelines:

    1. It is made available at your own risk. WE DO NOT WARRANT ITS FITNESS FOR PURPOSE IN ANY WAY.

    2. The original work is copyrighted by ZyTrax, Inc.. You may use the information or code in any way you choose. We would like you to acknowledge its source but do not insist on it. Maybe one day you can help us.


We provide links to other sites both within the text of certain information and on certain specialized pages as a service to our visitors:

  1. We do not warrant that the linked content will remain the same or that the linked site will continue to operate.


The works on our site(s), unless otherwise noted are Copyrighted by ZyTrax, Inc.

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