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Steam Packet Radio

Steam Packet Radio (ZYTRAX, Inc.) was established in 2001 to design, develop and market a range of Wireless IP solutions.

We believe, that while many wireless data products exist, they are primarily targeted at the North American Corporate Data Communications Market. Distances are limited and the emphasis is on raw performance.

We believe there is a substantial world-wide market for rugged wireless IP solutions, providing extended range (3 to 10 Km and more with directional antenna), with predictable operating performance in real life, outdoor environments and at a cost-effective price.

We have created the Air-Frame range of Wireless LAN products which forms the cornerstone of our solution portfolio and which are being progressively released during the first half of 2001. These products cover a range of capabilities from the 'Plug and Forget' Air-Frame-10 range to the sophisticated IP routing, Proxy and QoS capabilities of the Air-Frame-100 range. With optional encryption and compression capabilities these products have a feature set designed for the most discerning customers and the most demanding IP network applications.

We are targeting a number of vertical - solution based - markets with these products including:

We work with specialized distributors in our chosen countries who can bring local operating environment knowledge together with radio deployment and planning skills to deliver end-customers with reliable, cost effective, wireless IP solutions.

With our emphasis on customer satisfaction and support it is our intent that every customer becomes a high grade reference site for Steam Packet Radio Wireless IP  solutions.

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